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Join our team and make a difference in the lives of children!


"I have met so many amazing families. I have the best work-family anyone could imagine too. I look forward to coming to work every day, and my days are always made when kids get dropped off and have the biggest smiles on their faces from just seeing me. I couldn't ask for better people to work for, work with, or for better amazing families and kids that we work with every day!" 

~Miss Amanda; employed since 2021

"I started my journey as an Assistant Teacher to our Director, Heather, and then took over the lead in the 4K Room. It's been a privilege to become a teacher and witness these kids grow since they were really young. It became my passion to come to work and do my job as best I can because these children have become my motivation, to hopefully make a positive impact in our world, just like I have as a mother to my own kids.These years have taught me so much, but I am still learning something new every single day. Thank you to my students and the Crossroads for this beautiful opportunity." 

~Mrs. Nandy; employed since 2012


"Since starting at CKC I have been in every room, and it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite! I’m grateful that I have become part of this family because if I ever need someone to talk to, there is always a listening ear. I’m happy with the relationships I have formed with other staff and the parents of my kiddos and cannot wait to grow the relationship as I continue to grow in childcare!" 

~Miss Hannah; employed since 2021


"One of the reasons I work here is because it is a great experience considering my future career path. However, it is also more than that. I work here because I love kids. I also work here because I was raised in the Christian faith. The word of God is armor in times of good and bad and I want to armor my students for the best and worst times life has to offer. It is also a valuable space for me to rediscover my faith as well. Being asked challenging questions by young creative minds is the best way to grow your faith. I work at Crossroads Kids Connection because it is valuable for my career, my faith, my mind and body." 

~Miss Rylie; employed since 2020

"This daycare has a great positive staff who care about and really enjoy kids of all ages! It is also a great place to work! The Director works tirelessly to create a safe open environment where workers can thrive in a job that is best suited for their talents. She also keeps God at the center of all things. This daycare brings God into focus in young children's lives and that is never a bad thing!"

~Mrs. Jessica; employed 2018-2021

What does our staff say about working for CKC? 

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